Fragrance/Scent Personality Quiz -  Do you have a favorite Fragrance or Scent?

1) What ingredients do you love?
  A. Amber & Wood
  B. Floral blend
  C. Citrus & Fruits
  D. Vanilla & Musk

2) Fragrance make you feel:
  A. Confident& Sensual
  B. Feminine & Flirty
  C. Refreshed, Sporty & Clean
  D. Warm & Cozy

3) What best describes your signature
    style (you OWN it):
 A. Smooth, chic & refine
 B. Anything pink, ruffles, bows or floral
 C. Jeans & Tees
 D. Casual/cozy

4) What is your idea of a perfect date?
 A. Anywhere black dress/tux & tie is
 B. A candlelit dinner for two/a concert
 C. An afternoon picnic in the park/a 
     walk on the beach
 D. Anywhere quiet & close

5) How do you like to spend family time:
 A. Dinning out at a chic/classic
 B. Breakfast at home
 C. Picnic in the park
 D. Movie night at home

Tally your responses & fill in the numbers below (if there is a tie - play again......have fun!)

Mostly As:
You are Sexy, seductive & alluring.  Confident & Spontaneous.  Discover bold scents that reflect your inner strength and define sexy with just one mist for any occasion.

Mostly Bs:
You are Romantic.  Traditional and timeless, a hopeless romantic.  You love the dreaminess of love's sweet spell.  Discover scents for any occasion to complement your love and devotion.

Mostly Cs:
You have a Fresh, energetic and playful personality....always young at heart.  Discover scents that make you feel like very day on the sunny side.

Mostly Ds:
You are a cuddler who is welcoming and warm - always ready with a hug!  Discover luxurious scents that make you feel confident, comfortable, sultry.